Frances Lewis

Frances Lewis is a nationally recognized designer and is the owner of Ann DeEvelyn Clothing Co. Born and raised in Louisville, KY, Frances strives to provide quality clothing and a luxury experience for each client. With a B.S. in Theater Arts from the University of Louisville, there’s always a touch of drama in each design. Her designs have been featured in Vogue Italia, Louisville Magazine, Extol Magazine, as well as the runways of KMAC Couture: Art Walks the runway.



Gary Barragan

Specializing in editorial portraiture and photography, Gary Barragan’s love for the arts is a strong driving force in his passion which has in return helped propel him as a source of inspiration and as an accomplished photographer in Louisville, KY. He feels that with every job, whether it’s a fashion campaign or an editorial portraiture assignment, it should not just be work, but also a fun and memorable experience, thus creating a relaxed atmosphere resulting in images with a visual impact. His editorial infused style and attention to detail has earned him a reputable name among his clients.

Working professionally since 2012, his photography has been featured in publications such as Extol Magazine, Dark Beauty Magazine,, Voice Tribune and The Voice of Louisville. A few of his recent highlights include working with Miss America 2015, Kira Kazantsev, photographing the Kentucky Museum of Art and Craft’s 2017 KMAC Couture campaign and most recently, donating his time and talents as the Production Photographer for the upcoming fan made film, Star Wars Hand of the Empire, benefiting Norton’s Children’s Hospital.

When Gary is not photographing or writing about himself in the third person, he enjoys patio coffee dates with his wife and zombie video game nights with his son. He also is addicted to… wait… I mean an avid fan of Star Wars.