Machine IT Services

Machine IT Services is an IT and web hosting company founded in Louisville, KY by experienced entrepreneur, Collin Machine. Mr. Machine has an extensive background in business management, web development, technical support, computer engineering, computer science, and networking. He used these skills to set up and secure the company’s web servers, and build the fully automated infrastructure on which it runs. He continues to provide technical support, business consulting, web development, web design, and SEO (search engine optimization) services to clients, and would be a great resource to anyone looking to get a site or business up and running or build an online presence. He can be contacted via the company website, or by sending him an email directly.

Gary Barragan

Gary Barragan is a premier Louisville headshots and portrait photographer. His artistic eye was honed in the beauty and fashion industry which can be easily seen in both his creative and professional work. With an editorial infused style and attention to detail, Gary has earned a reputable name in fashion and film circles while his laid-back demeanor makes him a favorite with his clients. His love for the art of image making has cemented a pathway for him tell countless stories and create continued success for his clients over the years. Gary also has the honor of being endorsed as an Associate Photographer for the Kentucky region by headshot industry leader Peter Hurley, a distinguished position many strive for but less than one hundred in the world have achieved. His body of work can be further viewed at